Tuesday, 22 February 2011


We are a group that tries to help out and share it's scripts, raws with other groups.
But lately there are a few groups that started to use our scripts and raws without asking us or crediting us.

If those groups, which do not name, continue to do this, we might stop providing the english .ass files and our 1080p raws.

This is just a warning to those few.

If you want to have the authorised translations of our subs. And if you want to support us and those honest groups, please visit the french Epoke and the Spanish Tokuriders.

" No cambiar los creditos que aparecen en el script ya que nuestro esfuerzo debe ser reconocido."
" On vous pries de ne pas changer les noms dans les credit si vous utiliser nos sous-titres, pour que nos efforts ne seront pas en veines. Demmander notre authorisation si possible. "