Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Story Of Kanon & Liveman 30

This is a little treat.

After years of being non active Mori Megumi (Blue Dolphin, Liveman) played a role in a film called 'Glass Fantasia'.
This is actually a film divided in 2 stories that occur simultaneously. The one is called 'The story of Kanon' and the other one 'The story of'. Also there is a version where the 2 stories are joint into 1 film.
We decided to sub only the story about Kanon, because that is the one our former Toku actress plays in.

Since these are rare we decided to provide the raws of the 2 other films for the collectors. The raws will be online shortly.

It's a pretty nice story, although it is a very sad one.

I hope you will enjoy this one.


... and of course we wouldn't make a release without adding some porn or Liveman...
So here is Liveman episode 30 for you guys:

This is a special release because it's not only the episode where the 2 new Liveman get introduced, but also a very special person gets a guest appearance. The French under you might know her as Dorothée, the singer and actrice who brought anime and tokusatsu to europe.