Sunday, 20 February 2011

Gokaiger 2 Release list

This guy is the opposite of Alata...

1080p HD(.mkv) : Megaupload | Torrent

720p HD (.mp4) Soft Sub: Megaupload | Torrent
720p HD (.mp4) Hard Sub: Megaupload | Torrent
480p SD (.avi) Hard Sub: Megaupload | Torrent
Spanish Hard Sub: Tokuriders

Japanese Captions: Megaupload
English Subtile (.ass) file: Megaupload

Please check our site for updates, or our HJU thread. We will update this post when the next encodes are uploaded.

Translator's note.
People ask about the translation for Maji - Jii ,...
Maji referres to Magiranger and magic. But 'Maji' can also mean:"Really? For real? "Are you serious",... which refers to the unrealistic part of the magiranger tokusatsu.
We talked about this problem a lot in our group. And we finally decided to go for the translation 'For real'. Not because the other translation isn't correct, they both are. But because this is a translation of Gokaiger in the first part and not Magiranger.
I hope you guys will understand this choice of ours and enjoy the sub a sa whole.

Regards, the Spandex Team.

And a big thanks to Fort, our main torrent seeder.