Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Goseiger Epic 48 English Subbed

This is a surprise... not only for you guys.
We got a capper because we wanted to TL Gokaiger.
But... we were doing a few encoding tests, and TL tests on the Japanese digital TV caps.
Then Masked Shuuyuu started to TL it to test his japanese skillz a bit...
And then we ended up to help each-other out a bit and translating the whole thing... So we thought it'd be a shame not to share this.

We decided to Hardsub it into an AVI file and also put it in the MKV one.

(SD) Goseiger Epic 48.AVI (848x480)


(720p) Goseiger Epic 48.MKV (JP&Eng): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NRUQQRSH
-> You need to change the subs from JP to English, the JP subs are the main ones.

Next Goseiger ep we'll release in 1080i.
Kamen Rider 000 1080i will come later tonight or tomorrow.

Talk about our releases at #Tokuchat @rizon.net.

Bam-Boooo... xXx Shoit♪